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The algorithm that determines the risk in actual/real conditions.

How much is vulnerable your site?
What is its value for hackers and how much economic damages you would confront with to put a remedy in case of cyberattack?

Website Security Scanner scan your website identifying anomalies and provides a complete panning shot of the risk measured in euros, thanks to its complex algorithm.


* Thank to the in-depth analysis of our experts, in addition to the identification of Cross-Site Scripting, Local/Remote File Inclusion, Remote command execution, Discovery of sensitive files and XXS attacks, we will be able to build a custom cybersecurity strategy.

What identifies

  • Website Errors
  • Out-of-date Software
  • Malicious code
  • Review on local SEO
  • Website Fingerprinting
  • Version-based Vulnerability Detection
  • Common Configuration Issues
  • Security Headers
  • Https
  • DNS
  • TLS

77% of customers put cyber security and data privacy at the third place when choosing an e-commerce

Safety for your e-commerce in just one click

Encryption and Privacy within a new technology hackerproof

E-commerce websites are one of the most favored targets of hackers, due to the huge amount of personal data that can be stolen in just few minutes.

Protecting your e-commerce has never been so easy and secure, thanks to our new and certificated technology.


Choose security for your website!!

It is important.

The internet is full of threats.

Do not lose your customer trust.

Protecting your own website and the data contained within, beyond respecting the law and avoiding penalties, means have at heart your customer and their data privacy.

In a hyperconnected world, in every data is contained a piece of life. To protect data and privacy means safeguarding a big part of life itself.

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